Part 4: Set up your Obelisk Slim

Before following these steps, make sure you've powered on your Obelisk Slim.

Access the Obelisk Dashboard

The Obelisk Dashboard is how you configure every setting for your device. You’ll access it for the first time much like you would a network router – by entering the IP address of the Obelisk into your internet browser’s address bar.

To find the IP address for your device, you'll need to use Obelisk Scanner.

Make sure your mobile device has its WiFi enabled and is connected to the same network as your miner.

Once you see the login screen, use the following information:

Username: admin

Password: admin

You’ll then be taken to the Obelisk Dashboard and can change settings for the device.

Miner Configuration

After your miner is plugged in, powered on in its proper configuration, and connected to Ethernet, you can proceed to the Obelisk Dashboard to configure your pool.


Ensure your Hostname reads Obelisk and that DCHP is set to Enabled.


Set your time zone, or change your Obelisk Dashboard password.


Advanced options for your Obelisk.


Configure your mining pool settings. See Example Configurations below.


Check the overall status of your Obelisk.

Example Configurations

Make sure you change the default mining address for your Obelisk miner to an address you own.

While you should ensure that you are entering in the correct info for your mining pool of choice, the following are some examples to help you get familiar with the data you’ll be inputting.

Example 1 – Luxor

URL stratum+tcp://

User 79cc3a0572619864e6a45b0aa8c2294db3d27151ff88ed7e066e33ee545841c13d4797297324.worker1

Pass x

Example 2 – SiaMining

URL stratum+tcp://

User 79cc3a0572619864e6a45b0aa8c2294db3d27151ff88ed7e066e33ee545841c13d4797297324.worker1

Pass x

Your pool may require you to remove the stratum+tcp:// part of the URL to connect.

A breakdown of the examples

URL: the exact path you use for the particular pool. These are static, so feel free to type them exactly as you see them here if they match your region closely enough. For example, the SiaMining example shows us-east, but you may want to use us-west if that more closely matches your geographic location. See Mining Pool Links below for more info, and more options that may better suit where you live.

User: your Siacoin or Decred mining address goes here. You’ll notice a string of numbers and letters, which is the address itself. There’s also a period (.) towards the end, followed by a worker name. This is optional, and typically used by those who have multiple miners so they can identify each device independently.

Pass: x. For pools that use a wallet address, the password is ignored. Most users place an ‘x’ here, but any character will do.

These pools are verified to work with the v1.1.0 firmware. If your unit is still on v1.0.0, you can only use Luxor and Siamining.

Luxor: (use the ‘Currencies’ dropdown to switch between Siacoin and Decred nodes)



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