Change your Obelisk Dashboard password

The Obelisk Dashboard is your gateway to controlling your Obelisk. You can configure your mining address, set your hostname, and monitor device stats such as hashrate and operating temperature.

Because the Obelisk Dashboard controls so many important functions – and the default login for every Obelisk unit is the same – you need to properly secure your login information. We recommend doing this as soon as you receive your Obelisk.

Each Obelisk miner has its own independent login to the Obelisk Dashboard. While every unit has the same default login, changing the password to something new will affect the Dashboard for only that single device. Keep your logins straight! Using a password manager like 1Password can help.
  1. Log in to the Obelisk Dashboard. Use Obelisk Scanner if you need to find your device's IP address.
  2. Enter this IP address into your browser.
    1. Example: Obelisk Scanner shows that your Obelisk's IP address is Enter into your internet browser's address bar.
  3. Enter your credentials. The default login info is Username: admin and Password: admin
  4. Go to the System tab of the Dashboard and locate the Change Password section.
  5. Enter in the current password, and then your new password.
    Use a strong password. You can check the strength of a password using this site.
  6. Click Change Password.

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