My Dashboard is partially blank

In some cases, when viewing your Obelsk Dashboard through the web interface, you may see blank sections. This happens when cgminer, the mining processing application, is not able to start or is not able to connect to the pool.

Your miner can't connect to the pool

You might have:

  • Bad pool URL or bad wallet address
  • No internet connection
  • Router blocking Stratum
    • ASUS has Vulnerability Protection which needs to be disabled for miner to connect to the pool
  • An issue requiring a board replacement. If your diagnostics show a bad chip or low voltage, contact Obelisk for support:

Other causes

There is an outstanding issue which sometimes causes the Obelisk to not show some of the information from cgminer on the Dashboard. The workaround for this is to reboot the unit. This can be done from the SYSTEM tab. If you are comfortable with SSH, you can also SSH into the Obelisk and run the command `killall apiserver`, which will cause the `apiserver` to be stopped. The `` process will automatically restart it within 1 second. You can then refresh the browser and login again. You should then be able to see the Dashboard information.

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