Can I get a refund after I buy a voucher?

There is a period of time in which you can request a partial refund of your voucher in exchange for not receiving your GRN1. Here's the details:

Upfront costs

From the $3,000 per voucher, Obelisk will use approximately $1,000 toward chip development, electromechanical design, and chip tapeout. This $1,000 is therefore nonrefundable, as it allows us to cover non-recurring engineering costs.

When to request

In mid-March, we expect to launch the public sale. Alongside this launch, we will be providing updated specifications based on ASIC simulations and an updated estimated shipping date. As per the terms of the sale, this is called the Announcement Date.

Your refund amount

Once we provide this updated estimated technical and shipping info, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will refund you $2,000 of your voucher – no questions asked. You'll have a period of 14 days from this Announcement Date to request your refund.

How to request it

We'll provide this information on the Announcement Date!

Be sure to read the full terms of the GRN1 Voucher Sale before placing an order.


Send us an email, or join us on the GRN1 channel on our Discord!

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