What benefits are there to buying in the presale?

We are offering some special benefits to presale buyers!

First, every unit sold comes with a $250 single-use coupon for future purchases from Obelisk. Each coupon can be used up to once, and can be applied to get up to a $250 discount on a single unit in a future batch. Only one coupon may be applied per unit. 

Backers from the first week of the presale will receive $400 coupons.

Second, we will not ship any units beyond those sold in this presale for at least 6 weeks (42 days) after the presale units have been shipped. This guarantees that presale participants will have 6 weeks of mining with no competition from other Obelisk miners or chips.

Since the sale is capped at 4000 units, this means that the expected per-unit mining reward during the 6-week exclusivity period will be about 200,000 SC.

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