Is there a cap on Batch 2?

No, there is no cap in the number of units we will sell in Batch 2.

It's unusual for a cryptocurrency miner sale to be capped. There are a few reasons why we do not have a cap on Batch 2, and a few other things we are doing to help you make the best buying decision.

If we had a cap, there may be customers that get left out of the sale. This gives competitors room to enter the market and sell units to those customers. By having an uncapped sale, we can meet the full customer demand for miners without giving competitors an opportunity to enter the market and sell additional units.

The Batch 2 sale only lasts one month, until January 31. This short timeframe naturally puts a cap on sales.

Order Counts
We may be the only mining company that gives up-to-date order counts throughout our sales. This way, you can crunch the numbers and make an informed buying decision.

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