Part 2: Obelisk Slim Components

What's in the box?

Your Obelisk Slim package includes:

  • The Obelisk SC1 Slim or DCR1 Slim miner
  • The Obelisk power supply (PSU)
  • A power cable for the power supply
  • A hex wrench to open the Obelisk Slim and access its internal components. It's a 1/8" (3.175 mm) wrench if you need a replacement.
  • Obelisk stickers
An ethernet cable is required to connect to the internet, but isn't included.

Front fan grill

  • Ethernet port: connect your internet cable here
  • Reset button: reset your Obelisk's settings
  • Status lights: green for normal operation, red for an error

Overhead view

When opened (don't worry, we'll go through how to do this later 😃), you'll see the internal components.

  • Control board: in charge of the miner, and runs the firmware
  • Hash board: where all the mining happens
  • Front and rear fans: used to keep the hash board nice and cool

Moving on

Go back to the Overview, or move on to get your Obelisk Slim powered on.

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