Replace your Gen 1 SC1/DCR1 fans

The Generation 1 Obelisk SC1/DCR1 miners have two fans in them to cool the internal components. They are located on each end of the device, housed in fan assemblies with red grills. You're able to replace these fans if necessary, and this guide will walk you through the steps.


Replace either the front or rear fan in your Obelisk SC1/DCR1

Time required

10-20 minutes

Things you'll need

A Phillips-head (cross headed) screwdriver


Follow these steps exactly to ensure device stability while disassembling. Store removed screws safely until reinserted into the device.
ESD Warning: In these steps, you'll be opening your Obelisk and touching internal components. You must follow proper ESD safety, or you risk damaging your unit.
  1. Place the Obelisk so that the front fan is on your left and the rear fan is on your right. Tilt the Obelisk 90 degrees away from you, so you are looking at the bottom of the device. Remove the four screws from the under side of the device.
    These screws connect directly to the fan assemblies on each side of the device. If you are only replacing one of the fans, you can just remove the two screws on the side you are replacing.
  2. Stand the Obelisk up. Remove the four top case screws. There are two on each long side of the device.
  3. Take the top black sleeve off. This will expose the device internals.
  4. Remove the hashing boards from the device. This can be done while the Obelisk is standing normally, or laid on its side. Gently grasp both ends of the board, taking care to not damage the board components. A good place to hold is the ends of the board, near the metal cutouts that the board is in. Pull it away from the Obelisk, slowly wiggling the board if necessary. The hashing board will disconnect from the Obelisk.
  5. Place the hashing board on a clean, ESD safe surface.
  6. Remove the four bottom case screws.
    These screws connect directly to the fan assemblies on each side of the device. If you are only replacing one of the fans, you can just remove the two screws on the side you are replacing.

    Most of the stability of the unit has been removed at this point. The fan assemblies will move freely.
  7. The fan assembly consists of the fan and the red grills. A metal airflow guide is also attached to the fan to help make sure air flows right onto the boards, helping with cooling. Finally, the fan is connected to the control board with a single connector.
    We need to remove the four silver screws from the fan assembly in the image below, and disconnect the white connector from the control board. The order does not matter.
    Assembly screws
    Simply unscrew the four screws. Set them and the airflow guide aside.
    Control board connector
    Gently grasp both sides of the white control board connector. Remove it. Apply light force at first, and slowly increase until it disconnects. The fan assembly is now totally detached from the Obelisk.
  8. The old fan will now slide out of the red grills, and your replacement fan can be inserted.
    1. Reattach the airflow guide and the four silver screws.
    2. Carefully reattach the control board connector, making sure to not bend the prongs on the board.
  9. Stand the fan assembly back up.
    1. Make sure that the control board connector's wire is tucked under the control board.
    2. Make sure the assembly's screw hole lines up with the hole in the bottom case.
  10. Reattach the bottom case screws. This will secure the fan assembly while you reassemble the unit.
  11. Reattach the screws on the under side of the device.
  12. Reinsert the hashing boards. Use slot 1 if using just one board, slots 1 and 2 if using two boards, and all three slots if using three boards.
  13. Place the top black sleeve back on the device. Reattach the four top case screws.

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