Voucher Sale Information

This voucher sale allows you to obtain an Obelisk GRN1 at a significant discount by purchasing a voucher. Each voucher is exchangeable for one GRN1 miner when the units are released.

How long is the voucher sale active for?

The voucher sale will be active from January 17, 2019 to February 1, 2019.

When we launch the public sale, expected for mid-March, we anticipate that will sell GRN1 miners for $6,000 each. This presale allows you to obtain a miner at a 50% discount.

How much are the vouchers for the GRN1?

Each voucher costs $3,000. The voucher price, as stated in US dollars, must be paid in Bitcoin. Upon placing your order on our site, you'll find instructions on how to complete payment.

How many vouchers are you selling?

We are offering a maximum of 10,000 vouchers during this presale period. We are also excited to announce that we will be donating $100 per voucher to Grin development!

Be sure to read the full terms of the GRN1 Voucher Sale before placing an order.


Send us an email, or join us on the GRN1 channel on our Discord!

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