Shipping and Logistics

HTS Code for Obelisk units: 8471.50.01

HTS code for replacement hashing boards: 8473.30.11.40


International customers must supply us with an English shipping address. Orders can not be shipped until an English shipping address is on file.

Declared value

of the units for customs paperwork


Batch 1: $2499

Batch 2: $1599

Batch 3: $1599

Batch 4: $1699

Batch 5: $1699


Batch 1: $2499

Batch 2: $1599

Batch 3: $1849

Batch 4: $1999

Batch 5: $1999

*We will not declare or edit commercial invoices to reflect a lower sales price. 

If the customs authority requests a commercial invoice from you, please email and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Declaration of Confirmity

If the customs authority requests any additional documentation regarding regulatory testing or certification, please provide them with our Declaration of Conformity. This can be found here.

Certificate of Origin

If customs requests a certificate of origin, you can download that here.


You may have to pay VAT, or value-added tax, to import your Obelisk into your country. VAT is paid per unit, and you can check how much this would be for your country online.

Some users decide to send their unit to an American colo facility instead of paying VAT.

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