Your existing coupons can be applied to orders under the Obelisk Upgrade Board Sale with the following conditions:

  • You can apply one coupon per item in your order.
  • A coupon can only be applied once, and holds no value after it has been used. For example, an $800 coupon can be used to buy a $699 SC1 board, but then is consumed and cannot be used again.
  • Coupons can be used to discount item prices only, and cannot be used for taxes or shipping costs.
  • Coupons cannot be transferred or sold to other users.

Compensation Credit

As detailed in our Compensation Policy, you are entitled to the estimated mining revenue you would have received between your original estimated shipping date and the actual day your order ships. You can apply this credit to the entirety of your order when placing your order, and your compensation credit can be applied to taxes and shipping.

Sales Tax

Because we have nexus in Massachussetts, Tennesse, and New York, residents of these states must pay any applicable sales tax.


We accept Bitcoin payments only for options under the Obelisk Upgrade Board Program. After placing your order, you will see the Bitcoin payment address presented to you in the Obelisk Portal.

Payment must be received within eight (8) hours of placing your order, or your order will be canceled.

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