Using a public IP address

The IP address of your Obelisk is incredibly important – it identifies your device on the internet and is used to access the Obelisk Dashboard for that unit. Knowing an Obelisk's IP address will allow someone to access that Obelisk. This is something only you want to be able to do.

Using a public IP address for your Obelisk is not recommended, as the unit is then exposed for direct hacking attempts.

If your Obelisk is set up in your home, simply having it connected to a router is enough to ensure that the IP address of the Obelisk is masked. A little bit of background on how routers work is helpful here:

Your router's job is to route (get it?) communication to all the devices on your network. Let's use the following example: You go to the Obelisk website on your computer.

  1. You type in, then
  2. Your computer sends the request for the website to your router, then
  3. The router sends out the request for the website to the Obelisk servers, then
  4. The Obelisk servers send the website back to your router, then
  5. Your router knows to send it to your computer, and not another device like your phone, because your computer asked for it.

The router is the only publicly-facing IP address that is visible to hackers. And if a router receives communication that a device on its network didn't ask for, it just drops it. This is why, if your Obelisk is connected to a router, you'll be safer than using a public IP address.

Most colocation facilities provide protection against this as well. Check with your specific location to find out what types of security they have for devices in their care.

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